Flare 2.0™ + FREE (3-rolls) FLEXTape™

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BUY FLARE™ 2.0 Speed Rope and get 3 rolls of FREE FLEXTape™  for thumb and finger protection (1 x 2.5cm, 1x 5cm, 1x 7,5cm rolls of mixed colours)
  • 100% precision machined aluminum handles, bomb proof and guaranteed for life.
  • Dual axis rotation, allowing your handles to stay on the end of the rope while eliminating torque build up in the cable.
  • Internal anti-friction system for a smooth spin while maximizing power transfer from handle to cable, making for the most efficient rope ever created.
  • Built standard with our COATED CABLE (12ft length), but is also compatible with all colors of both our bare and coated cables!  Fast and highly efficient (although not quite as fast and light as our bare cable) our coated cable is the most durable option, can handle a variety of jumping surfaces, and is great for beginners and rope pros alike. 
  • Knurled handles for effortless grip under any condition.

Choose from variety of rope colours (coated) for maximum durability or opt out for our bare cable for maximum speed and feather light performance. 

The Dual swivel system at the head of the handle allows for super fast spinning speed. The rope is virtually let loose to spin without any drag or friction. This makes our rope one of the best on the market and will sure make your double unders a whole lot easier. 



About FLEXTape™ 


  • FLEXTape sticks to itself, no adherent required
  • FLEXTape provides compression and support
  • FLEXTape is elastic and doesn't cut off circulation
  • FLEXTape is REUSABLE!!!
  • FLEXTape is an excellent for grip due to its rubberised structure
What is FLEXTape ? 

FLEXTape is becoming very popular as it does not adhere to the skin, it only adheres to itself. This makes it ideal for any taping on the skin as removing it does not cause pain like adhesive tapes do. It is also Latex Free so is suitable for sensitive skin and those with Latex allergies. FLEXTape offer premium comfort and elasticity while still maintaining rigid structure and support. 

Growing in popularity in Weightlifting and CrossFit, FLEXTape is a becoming a favourite to replace Zinc-Oxide tapes. Used by weightlifters and athletes alike to support hook grip, fingers and joints. 

Practical uses include holding and dressings in place and compression for injuries. It is a must have for all. FLEXTape is very easy to apply as it adheres securely to itself so no need for pins or tape. It can even be unwound carefully and reused if required.


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