Flare Pro Customise your own!

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Flare Pro Customise your own!
Introducing our new patented Flare Pro speed rope. Built with absolute precision to bring you the smoothest spin and frictionless rotation. 

Why is Flare Pro - PRO? 

Starting with handles, the Flare Pro has handles have been precision laser cut to provide lightweight but durable product. The handles also feature a smooth knurl finish to offer maximum grip even through the sweatiest workouts. 

The head of the handle is topped with unmatched internal bearing system that provides smooth and frictionless spin while also allowing for maximum feedback and power transfer from your hand to the cable. 

The bearing system combines with a ball swivel design to keep the cable attached but free to rotate in almost any axis, effectively bypassing any torque buildup to the cable or the spin so you can focus on what really matters and not worry about needing to put any extra force through the handles. 
Furthermore our coated cables are designed to be flexible and lock freely into the head of the handle for maximum durability and long-lasting experience. 
All Flare Pro ropes come equipped with 2 x handles, 2 x swivel balls, 1 x coated or uncoated (bare) cable, 1 x hex key for adjusting the length of the rope and its position, 1 x velvet carry pouch. 

What's the difference between Flare Original, Flare EZ Top, Flare XL and Flare PRO? 

Flare Original, Flare XL and Flare EZ Top are made with the same internal bushing system. This system is very durable, but does not provide the benefits of bearing system when it comes to smoothness of the spin. All of the above ropes are perfect for beginner to elite athletes, however, if you are looking for that extra performance and quality finish, Flare Pro is unmatched. 


Cable Options

There are 2 cable types we offer for FLARE PRO - Bare, Nylon (NYLON PRO) Coated. Both options have steel core cable. 

Bare cable is the lightest and fastest cable. It is recommended for use on non-abrasive surface. This cable option is great for speed and competitions, however, due to its nature, it does wear out quicker than other options. 

Nylon Pro coated cable has almost the speed and lightness of bare cable, but it is also protected with nylon coating. Unlike PCV, nylon is fray resistant and can withstand harsher surfaces. It isn't as flexible as PVC, however, it offers great speed and feedback from the spin. 


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