Venom X Fingerless Gymnastic Grips

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We are proud to bring you possibly the best grips we have ever created. BumbleBee X Grips are made with patented synthetic fabric which brings comfort, grip, durability and lightness into 5 star ratings. 


Venom X Fingerless Grips are perfect for a beginner as well as an elite athlete. The absence of finger holes makes these grips perfect for fast transitions between movements while still providing that same Venom trademark grip and comfort. 

Additionally Venom X Fingerless Grips offer a false grip guard to make those ring MU easier on your hands and skin. 


BumbleBee X Grips are perfect to use with or without chalk and you don't need to worry about sweat getting in the way, the fabric won't lose its grip. 


Grip            * * * * *

Lightness   * * * * *

Protection  * * * * *

Durability   * * * * *


3-hole or 2-hole, no-hole? 

 BumbleBee X Fingerless grips are just that, no-holes. You no longer need to worry where to put your fingers and where the grips should sit on your palm, just put them on, jump up on the pull-up bar and slide the hands down for the grips to catch the bar. Using your fingers to push down on the edge of the top of the grips will ensure you will not lose your grip. 




What can I do with my grips?


Pretty much everything, to put it bluntly. Although you can do weightlifting and other barbell movements with your grips, they work their magic on the gymnastic rings and pull-up bars. 


Snap-in, snap-out!


BumbleBee X Fingerless are specifically designed for fast transitions between movements. Come off the bar and snap them back on your hands. This will allow for seamless transitions between any movement in any WOD.


Any other questions? 


Don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions you might have.


Happy WODing!



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