Speed ropes by Reyllen are the fastest ropes we offer. 

Flare Original is our durable and reliable speed rope at lower price point. Suitable for beginners and intermediate athletes. Comes equipped with classic PVC coated cable for true hand feel and precise torque feel.

Spark Speed Ropes are mid-range ropes that feature unique swivel ball cable holder top for ease of use and adjustment of the cable. Handles are aircraft grade aluminium with taper towards the top of the handle. These ropes are suitable for all ability levels and can spin as slow or as fast as you'd want them to

Flare PRO ropes, the top end model is crafted for absolute speed. Flare PRO has an internal dual ball bearing system that is frictionless to maximise power transfer from the handles to the cable. Flare PRO comes equipped with Nylon Pro cable that is stiffer and thinner than PVC. Due to the nature of this cable, it as able to retain shape and reduce lag when performing double unders making is ultra fast and light.


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