Weighted Jump Ropes can easily add challenge and resistance to your workout. These are great tool to build stamina and muscle endurance throughout the arms and upper body. 

Stingray Heavy is our base model. Stingray comes equipped with removable weight plugs in each handle coupled with 4mm PVC coated steel cable. The cable is held in place by easy to use screw top and makes for an easy adjustment on the go. Stingray can also hold thinner cables and makes it versatile to switch between heavy and normal jump rope. 

Stingray PRO is the ultimate modular weighted jump rope. The set-up includes removable handle weight plugs, 8mm PVC drag cable and 4mm PVC coated steel core cable. With this unique modification, you can customise your Stingray PRO to just the way you like it  and add and reduce resistance as you please.


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