CrossFit Open 24.1 Tips & Strategies

Open workout 24.1 

For time: (time cap 15min)

21 dumbbell snatches (arm 1)

21 lateral burpees over dumbbell

21 dumbbell snatches (arm 2)

21 lateral burpees over dumbbell

15 dumbbell snatches (arm 1)

15 lateral burpees over dumbbell

15 dumbbell snatches (arm 2)

15 lateral burpees over dumbbell

9 dumbbell snatches (arm 1)

9 lateral burpees over dumbbell

9 dumbbell snatches (arm 2)

lateral burpees over dumbbell

*dumbbell 50lb for men and 35lb for women


There is one key thing we need to identify to get the best result in this workout. Which movement has got the largest displacement? In other words, which movement takes the longest per rep? In 24.1 it is clearly the burpee. This is where most time can be made or lost, not the snatches. 

We recommend coming up with a strategy that can maximise your performance on the burpees. 

24.1 Tips and strategies from the pro's:


CrossFit Mayhem (Rich Froning)

Training Think Tank 

Misfit Athletics

Jason Grubb (4xGames Champion)

The Training Plan 

PRVN Fitness




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