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Flare Speed Ropes Comparison

Not sure what to get? This quick little guide might help. We offer different ranges of Flare Speed Ropes - Flare PRO, Flare XC, Flare Original, Flare EZ Top and Flare XL. 

Flare Pro

The Flare Pro models are the best we offer. This speed rope is carefully crafted with precision machined laser cut aluminium handles. The main difference between this speed rope and others is its weight (37g per handle) and internal mechanics. The Flare Pro is the only speed rope in our range to carry internal frictionless bearing system making it very fast and very smooth. 

Flare Original 

The first and the most popular choice, Flare Original, offers great performance at even greater value for money. This mid range model is great for anyone starting out with a new rope but has proven to be as good for elites as well. 

Spark (Coming Soon)

Spark is a perfect choice for athletes of any level. The rope comes equipped with ergonomic laser cut aluminium handles with easy cable adjustment. The knurling on the handles allows for maximum grip and the wider diameter base makes it easy to hold on to. The bearing system is frictionless and as smooth as it comes. Cable can be adjusted on the fly with ease of use. 

Stingray Heavy

This 2-in-1 Jump Rope is perfect for beginners to elites. With removable weight plugs for each handle you are able to transform this regular speed rope to a weighted rope with ease. Bigger handles allow more purchase on the grip coupled with smooth frictionless bearings and easy cable length adjustment. The handles are covered with microfibre tape to ensure maximum grip. 

Stingray PRO (Coming Soon)

Stingray Pro is made for serious heavy rope skipping. It comes with 2 different diameter heavy cables along with Stingray signature removable handle weight plugs. The entire set is highly adjustable when it comes to how much resistance you are looking for.