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Ropes Comparison


Speed Jump Ropes are all designed to be the fastest and lightest ropes. Ideally for high volume workouts or freestyle skipping. 

Flare™ Pro speed ropes come equipped with Flare™ 2.0 Handles with dual frictionless bearing system and a Nylon Pro cable for maximum speed and lightness. Nylon Pro cables are suitable for advanced athletes. Nylon Pro cables are faster and lighter than their bare cable counterparts


Flare™ MX speed ropes come equipped with Flare™ 2.0 handles with dual bearing frictionless system. Unlike Flare™ Pro, the MX comes with traditional PVC cables and is suitable for beginners to elites. 



When it comes to adding resistance and difficulty to your workout, look no further. We offer Stingray Heavy and Stingray PRO weighted jump ropes. For simple and easy to use model for athletes looking to dip their toes in the world of weighted jump ropes, Stingray Heavy is a great entry level rope with easy cable adjustment. For more demanding athletes, Stingray PRO is the ultimate weighted jump rope. It comes equipped with 2 different thickness cables and adjustable handles weight plugs making this rope highly modular. 



Not sure about weighted ropes? There is a third option. Manta Drag rope was designed to bring added difficulty and resistance without the need for weights. The way these ropes function is by utilising lighter thicker woven rope and absence of bearings. This combination is perfect for creating a high drag skipping rope that takes extra effort to make it spin.