Find your grips

Whether you are new to the "grips" game or an avid crossfitter who's gone through a lot of grips before, this section is designed to find the best possible grips for you. 





1. BumbleBee & Venom Range

The iconic BumbleBee's have been making a lot of noise in the community due to the success of the Jacob Heppner comprehensive grips review. These are made of soft but extremely durable synthetic material. Both BumbleBee and Venom range are made from the same synthetic material, the only differences you will find is the colour and the shape. 

The BumbleBee come in 2-hole, 3-hole, Fingerless and Series 2 Fingerless.

The Venom come in 2-hole, 3-hole and Fingerless.


2. Gecko Range

The Gecko's carry the same inner fabric as the Bumblebee for the soft feeling on your hand, however, the outer layer is carbon fibre textured synthetic material. This layer ensures these provide maximum grip on any bar, but in turn may wear out faster depending on the weight of an athlete and frequency of use as this layer is more rigid to the BumbleBee outer layer. This is true for any Carbon grips on the market. The grip, however, is unparalleled and when taken care of these can last a very long time. 

The Gecko come in 2-hole and 3-hole.


Seal Range

Our latest addition to our grips family, SEAL X Grips have been designed to serve one purpose and one purpose only - competition. Whether you are competing in an arena or in your gym, those seconds count and so do lost reps. SEAL grips have the highest friction coefficient of all our grips making them perfect for the task. The unbeatable grip lets you squeeze those extra reps in before the clock runs out! 
*For high volume training and general everyday exercise we still recommend our BumbleBee or Gecko options due to their high durability and resilience 




Now that we have the introductions out of the way, we can move on to the various shapes we offer. 

1. 2-hole Grips

This shape comes straight from Gymnastics and was the first ever shape to make it to competitive fitness scene. This classic shape is very minimal in design and covers the most stressed areas of the palm. It is a great choice for people unsure about grips or athletes who prefer to have feeling of the bar in return for the protection to the most problematic callus areas. 

All of our 2-hole grips come in Series 2 version, meaning we have updated the shape to be stronger and tearproof. 

2. 3-hole Grips

Popularised by our fitness community and many athletes, this is the shape of choice for most people. Whether you are new to the game or have been doing it for a while, this shape offers entire palm coverage protection while being ergonomically shaped to allow freedom of movement. The reason these are so popular is because the protection this shape offers. It covers most of the palm while still having room for thumb movement. This shape is ideal for everyone, but especially for people who are going to be doing a lot of volume work on the pull-up bars and rings. 

3. Fingerless (BumbleBee)

The first ever fingerless grips we have created were a massive success and still are due to the innovative shape. Fingerless shape on the BumbleBee's are straight cut much like the 2-hole grips, however, wide enough to cover the entire palm. This shape is great for fast transitions and people who use thumb-over bar grip. 

4. Series 2 Fingerless (BumbleBee & Seal)

The success of fingerless brought out Series 2 Fingerless grips. These are deigned to provide more ergonomic shape to the hand and freedom of movement to the thumb. This shape could be regarded as a cross between 3-hole and Fingerless grips. 

5. Fingerless (Venom & Gecko)

Venom fingerless grips are slightly different. They do not come with the sewn upper lip or "thumb-catcher", but do come with false-grip guard on the outside of the palm. They run slightly shorter than BumbleBee Fingerless and Series 2 so going up a size will be just fine. These grips perform very well on the rings as much as the bar and are preferred by the female counterparts, but available to all of course. 



Now that we have explained the shapes and ranges, let's link them together to offer some solutions. 

1. If you are looking for - PROTECTION

If protection is your priority we recommend going with 3-hole shape or Fingerless (any) as these offer the most amount of coverage. The recommendation here is either BumbleBee or Venom range due to their protective properties, softness and durability. Gecko and Raptor are great options too, but they will not feel as soft on your palm because of the outer layer being a little more rigid to keep their shape. 

2. If you are looking for - GRIP

If grip is your absolute game changer then SEAL grips are for you. They virtually stick to anything. These are designed with competition in mind, when those seconds and lost reps count for everything. 

For general volume training, Gecko is a great choice and lies somewhere in between the comfort and durability of BumbleBee and grip of the SEAL grips. 

3. If you are looking for - DURABILITY

If durability is your main concern, BumbleBee and BumbleBee RX are all good options. During our testing, these performed the best and they are great options for a lot of volume work in the gym. 

4. If you are new and don't know what to get

If you have never worn grips before, there are several options we recommend. Our suggestion here is to go with either 2-hole or 3-hole shapes as they are very easy to use and you will eventually find if you like wearing them with the dowel effect or without fingerholes, at which point you might want to opt for fingerless in the future. 

In terms of which range to go for, we recommend the BumbleBee, but you might want to try the Gecko if your bars are on the slippery side. 



Important note from our side is the "dowel" effect. You may know, you may not know, it doesn't matter. Let's explain. The dowel effect is what gymnasts have been using for generations. The grips have never actually been designed to be worn all the way down to the base of your fingers. 

When you put a pair grips on your hand the fingerholes are only deigned to hold the material roughly in the middle of your fingers. This ensures when you cup your hand and receive the bar the dowel will be created to lock the grips in place on the bar.