Grips Guide



Grips for CrossFit originally come from gymnastics, where gymnasts would use 2-hole leather grips to protect their hands. These are straight shape covering the most important part of the hand below the middle and ring fingers while still leaving some bare skin for contact with the bar/rings. This option is great for anyone who likes to feel the bar/rings or gets tears in the middle part of their


The most popular shape among fitness athletes as it offers full palm coverage, while still having enough space for thumb dexterity. These grips will protect the entire area of the palm and they are great for a beginner as well as advanced athlete with a lot of bar/ring volume work.


New to the scene, fingerless grips have been made specifically for fast transitions. These grips will offer full wrap around bar/rings grip while there is no hassle when moving onto a barbell or dumbbell. 


 BumbleBee & Venom 

Our most popular and most durable grips are made from synthetic microfibre blend of materials which is very strong, but also very soft for your hands. These grips perform the best on uncoated bars and rings, however, they are still a perfect all-round choice for anyone. 

MaxGrip Gecko

As the name suggests, these grips are made from rubber polymer coated carbon layer which sticks to almost any surface without compromise. This material is soft enough for the hand but as sticky as it can get for the bar/rings. These perform great on any types of bars, especially the powder coated bars. 


Thin and lightweight. Raptor grips are also made from similar rubber polymer coating on the outside as the gecko grips, however, the raptor are thinner and lighter. If the gecko is a tank, this is the hummer of the two