Service Updates


December 10th 2021

Due to the emergence of Omicron variant there have been numerous outbreaks in postal locations and delivery centres across UK and EU. This situation combined with holiday season shopping and increased volume of parcels, sadly results in higher levels of postal delays across the some parts of UK and UK-EU postal routes.


DPD and DHL shipping options at checkout are recommended for faster international shipping 


UK - Normal operations apart from small number of delays reported in some areas

Ireland - Customs delays of up to 5 days in some cases

Italy - Update by Royal Mail 

"We have been advised by Poste Italiane that severe delays are being experienced in processing postal items due to serious IT problems in Italian customs. This is affecting all postal shipments from outside the EU. 
Although we are continuing to ship items to Italy at the moment, due to these technical issues being experienced once they arrive, they currently face delays of at least several weeks before being processed by customs and delivered by Poste Italiane. We are in constant dialogue with Poste Italiane, but they have so far been unable to give us a date when these issues will be resolved. Therefore, please consider the current situation carefully if you are posting items to Italy as they will face severe delays once they arrive in the country. We will provide further updates as soon as we have them.

Royal Mail"

EU - Reported delays in some countries affected by Omicron variant, please check HERE for up to date "per country" information 

USA - Normal operations with some delays reported in small in small number of cases

Australia - Extensive delays due to strict COVID measures imposed by Australian government. Please check HERE for more up to date information

Rest of the world -  Please check HERE for more up to date information


July 9th 2021

UK-EU shipping delays likely (app. +3-7 working days)

Important - Delivery Delays

(Announcement from our fulfilment warehouse)

"With people able to move more freely outside of work, we like many other businesses, have seen Covid self isolation cases rise recently, far beyond any other time during the pandemic. As a result we are experiencing significant staff shortages in our warehouses. 

We have also heard from our courier partners and other fulfilment companies about similar issues, and in some cases much worse - and expect significant industry-wide delays in shipment times.

At this time we are very grateful for all your support and positive messages. This is the final hurdle that us, and the rest of the country, have to overcome in the battle against Covid-19. We are already seeing clear signs that the worst has been overcome and staffing levels are increasing once more."

We thank you for your patience as we do our utmost to return to our normal service.

Thanks, Team Reyllen



December 29th

All European borders now open, delivering as normal!

UK, Ireland - Normal operations, some delays expected 

USA - Normal operations, some delays expected 

Australia - Normal operations, some delays expected 

Europe - Normal operations, some delays expected 

Rest of the worldsee the status of your country  >>>HERE<<<


December 20th


All Royal Mail services to EUROPE have been temporarily suspended!

All courier services are still working!  If you are ordering from EUROPE we do recommend choosing any of our courier services at checkout. 

If you have chosen Royal Mail, these will be halted and proceed to dispatch when the borders between UK and EUROPE open up again!


UK, Ireland - Normal operations, delays expected in certain cases 

USA - deliveries as expected (+7 working days delay in some cases)

Australia - Royal Mail suspended! Couriers operating normally!

Europe - Royal Mail suspended! Couriers operating normally!

Rest of the worldsee the status of your country  >>>HERE<<<


October 19th

UK, Ireland - operations as normal, with some delays in small number of deliveries.

USA - deliveries as expected

Australia - small number of delays 

Europe - As expected, small number of delays in some cases

Rest of the worldsee the status of your country  >>>HERE<<<



July 17th 

UK, Western Europe - All deliveries expected as normal

USA, Eastern Europe, Rest of the World - All deliveries expected as normal, small number of delays in some cases

June 1st

As countries begin to slowly reopen, we are seeing things returning back to normal in regards to shipping times and deliveries across the globe. 

Courier services (DHL, FEDEX, TNT & UPS) remain unaffected 


Royal Mail Services below

UK deliveries should be for the most part delivering as normal. 

United States, Australia, Canada deliveries are for the most part unaffected, small number of delays in some cases.

Europe deliveries are for the most part unaffected, small number of delays in some cases.

Rest of the world deliveries are also returning back to normal, see the status of your country  >>>HERE<<<


April 24th

In addition to our standard Royal Mail delivery, we have introduced Express Courier services. You can select them at checkout. 

UK - DHL 1-2 day guaranteed Express delivery

International - FedEX guaranteed 3-5 day Express delivery. 


UK + IRE deliveries continue to operate as normal via Royal Mail. Small number of delays in certain areas, otherwise as scheduled. 

International deliveries via Royal Mail Post continue to operate as normal with the exception of delays in certain countries most affected by COVID19. 

Check  the status of your country  >>>HERE<<<




April 21st

We continue to operate at normal, due to the recent bank holiday weekend we are monitoring some delays throughout the country due to the backlog of deliveries from Easter holiday. This is a result of lower number of staff and vehicles operating in certain delivery centres across UK. 


International deliveries are operating as normal with expected delays in certain countries most affected by coronavirus and state mandated lockdown measures. 

Check  the status of your country  >>>HERE<<<


Royal Mail Service Update for UK April 21st

"Normal deliveries and collections should take place throughout the UK this week. However, despite our best endeavours, it’s likely some areas of the country will experience some level of disruption due to Coronavirus-related absences at local mail centres or delivery offices. We’re sorry about this. Every item of mail is important to us, so we’re working hard to keep any delays to a minimum. Thank you for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times.

Keep up-to-date at Opens in new window where you can also find someuseful Q&As."


April 2nd

Reyllen is fully operational and delivering for you.

We are continuing to deliver as usual. The postal services to most countries in Europe are fully operational and so are the deliveries. In small number of cases you may experience some delay due to import and export procedures during this extraordinary time. 

Deliveries to UK and USA - Operational and on time

Canada & Australia - Small chance of delays

Asia and South America - expected delays 

#stayhome #savelives


April 1st

We remain fully operational sending orders worldwide. 

Royal Mail has advised to check if your country is affected with delays to the postal services due to decreased number workers and preventions put in place to stop the spread of the virus. 

You can check your country's postal delivery updates here



March 30th


We continue to operate as usual. At this unprecedented time we are working hard to continue to provide high quality service and products to our customers and we are closely monitoring the global situation as it continues to evolve. This is a dynamic time for all of us but we remain fully operational. 

Royal Mail and postal services continue to operate as usual with small expected delays in certain affected countries, however, your orders will still be delivered. 

At this time we are unable to process any returns/exchanges/refunds but if you have any queries, please email us at and we will make sure to log your request and it will be processed once the situation eases out. 

Regards, Team Reyllen 

#stayhome #savelives