Simple Grip Guide

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Grip Softness Thickness Protection Durability


(2-hole, 3-hole)



1.8mm 8/10 8/10

BumbleBee RX




3.0mm 10/10 10/10


(2-hole, 3-hole)

9/10 6/10 1.9mm 6/10 7/10

BumbleBee Fingerless



2.0mm 9/10 8/10

Series 2 BumbleBee


8/10 8/10 2.0mm 9/10 8/10

Venom Fingerless



1.8mm 7/10 8/10
Gecko Fingerless 9/10 6/10 1.8mm 7/10 7/10


(3-hole, Fingerless)

10/10 9/10 1.8mm 7/10 6/10


The stats can be very daunting sometimes and we encourage people not to look at them too closely. All of our grips are designed for one purpose, to help you with your training and stay callus free. 

Our BumbleBee & Venom range is for all-round training as they are very durable and soft. They can be used for almost anything and any surface, while the fingerless range is made from the same materials it offers fast transitions between movements and slightly different grip on the bar as they wrap around differently than the standard finger-holes ones. 

Gecko and Seal are made from different materials both with rubber polymer coating on the outside. These provide maximum grip possible with or without chalk. Due to this increased resistance and friction, in some cases they may wear quicker. They are best to be used at competitions as they require no break in and offer ultimate grip on any of the bars you might see.