Reyllen X Red 30lb Tension Mobility Band

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Reyllen X Mobility Bands are designed with premium quality latex to endure any and all environments. They are lightweight and versatile to take anywhere for resistance training as well as mobility training. Our Reyllen X Mobility Bands come in 4 different colours representing different levels of resistance. Each one as unique as the other, you decide which one you need !!



Band Colour Dimensions Resistance
Red (extra light) 208cm x 0.45cm x 1.3cm 30lbs

Black (light)

208cm x 0.45cm x 2.2cm 60lbs
Purple (medium) 208cm x 0.45cm x 2.9cm 80lbs
Green (heavy) 208cm x 0.45cm x 4.4cm 120lbs

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