Reyllen X2 Carbon Gymnastic Grips 2-Hole

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Reyllen X2 Grips have been manufactured with care to bring the absolute protection for your hands in training. We are proud to say that this is the most powerful, resistant and durable fabric used in hand grips. 


The carbon fibre grips give a full protection and maximum grip, in the beginning they can feel a bit hard, however, over time the fabric moulds to the features of your palm and the stresses from training. 


X2 Grips are single layer synthetic leather fabric with carbon fibre texture lining. Please note that these grips need breaking in. They are best to use with chalk and you can feel free to roughen the outer surface with wire brush. 


Grip            * * * * 

Lightness   * * * * 

Protection  * * * * *

Durability   * * * * *


3-hole or 2-hole? 


There is no rule that says one is better than the other. Both offer exceptional support and protection for your hands. Some athletes choose one over the other, however, this ultimately comes down to personal preference. 



What can I do with my grips?


Pretty much everything, to put it bluntly. Although you can do weightlifting and other barbell movements with your grips, they work their magic on the gymnastic rings and pull-up bars. 


Fingers in or fingers out?


Our grips were designed to be used  either way. You may choose to put your fingers in the provided holes or you may choose to simply place them over the bar. We recommend putting the fingertips through about an inch for quick setup and easy adjustment in your workouts. 


Any other questions? 


Don't hesitate to contact us with any further questions you might have.


Happy WODing!



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