Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips

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Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips
Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips


Series 2 Gecko X Fingerless Grips are an original design, crafted by Reyllen in UK. Fingerless design as it should be. Series 2 Gecko is an extension of Series 2 BumbleBee X2 grips. Featuring the all new design to provide more stability and protection. Extended outer edge of the grips provides added durability to the most stressed areas of the grips while the angled shape allows for free thumb movement.  


Feedback driven design

Gecko Carbon Material

False Grip Protection

Fingerless for faster transitions

Designed in UK by Reyllen

Design registered UK & EU


*Original Reyllen Design registered with UK & EU intellectual property rights 


HAND MEASUREMeasure your hand from the top of your wrist to the base of your middle finger
Dowel Effect - All of our grips are designed to have either a smaller or larger dowel based on your preferences. The size guide below ensures you will have enough length to create a dowel (fold at the top of your grips).


Grip Size
-8cm Small
8cm - 10.5cm  Medium
10.5cm - 12cm Large
12cm+ X-Large

Instructional Videos - CLICK HERE

Loose Strap

All of our grips have been designed to wear loosely around the wrist. There should be enough space to put at least on finger between the strap and your wrist. This way you know you are wearing them correctly. 

Loose strap allows for a better force displacement around your wrist when performing gymnastics movements. 



2-holed grips are designed to be worn on the middle and ring fingers, while 3-hole grips are designed to be worn on index, middle and ring fingers. Please note the cutout on the 3-hole grips is for your thumb. This is how you know you are wearing them on the correct hands.

Easy way to remember which grip is which is to make sure the buckle is on the outer part of your wrist when the grips are strapped on.


Standard & Dowel Wear (Finger-holes)

You can wear the grips in 2-ways. Standard wear is when you wear your grips all the way down your fingers keeping the material snug to the hand and the bar. 

Dowel effect is created by having grips higher up on your fingers or fingertips allowing for the material to fold over itself creating a dowel. This is a preferred way to wear our grips as it allows for more fabric to cover your hand and the bar for more friction. Furthermore you are able to get the grips off quickly if needed.


What can I do with my grips?

Pretty much everything, to put it bluntly. Although you can do weightlifting and other barbell movements with your grips, they work their magic on the gymnastic rings and pull-up bars. 


2holes vs 3holes vs fingerless

This is a popular question we get. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference. 2-hole grips have been made popular in gymnastics. This shape is very straight and covers the most demanding areas of the hand. If you don't like having too much material between your hand and the bar, this is the style to go for.

Made popular by CrossFit, 3-hole grips are angled and cover almost the entirety of your palm. This is the most popular shape athletes choose, because this style offers the most protection of your palm due to high demand and high volume nature of our sport. 

Lastly fingerless is bit more like a mix between 2-hole and 3-hole. The fingerless covers as much palm as 3-hole but offers the similar feel as 2-hole. The way fingerless grabs the bar is also different. Because there is no fingers pulling the material back, fingerless wraps around the bar a lot more than the others, offering more friction and better grip. 


For our comprehensive grip guide please click here



Thickness Hand Feel Protection Training Volume Best For




1.9mm High Rep Bare Bars/Rings


1.9mm Medium Moderate/High High Rep Powder Coated & Bare Bars




Moderate Low to Moderate

Powder Coated Bars



2mm Soft High High Rep Bare Bars




Synthetic microfibre breathable fabric. 

Works well with sweat and moisture

Requires moderate break-in period

Highly durable and very high protection for sore hands. 

Works best on bare bars, but provides adequate grip on powder coated bars as well.




Carbon texture layer on the front is designed to grip well on powder coated bars, however, works on bare bars too. 

A little stiffer feel than BumbleBee, offers good protection for hands. Doesn’t require break-in period




Rubber/Microfibre composite

Designed as competition grips, offers high friction coefficient on both powder coated and bare bars. Ideal for competition, not recommended for large training volumes.

Doesn’t require break-in period. Works best without chalk




Single layer synthetic microfibre 

Designed for bare bars, but works well on powder coated bars as well.

Highly durable and soft feel and offers great protection. 

Requires minimal break-in period

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