Flare Pro


  • Machine cut alumunium
  • fine diamond knurl
  • 17cm in length
  • 48g per handle
  • integrated cable head
  • designed to fit Nylon Pro cables
  • rounded edges
  • polish finish

Flare Pro Handles are a perfect choice for intermediate to advanced athletes. Flare Pro is designed to be the fastest and lightest rope in our lineup


Flare Pro handle bearings are designed to last a long time with proper care and maintenance. The dual bearing system ensures smooth rotation throughout with 0 torque buildup.


  • Nylon Pro only

Flare MX


  • Machine cut aluminium
  • soft diamond knurl
  • 17cm length
  • integrated cable head
  • designed to fit PVC & Nylon Pro cables
  • matte finish

Flare MX is a perfect rope for beginners to advanced athletes. Flare MX offers great feedback from the cable to the hand and can fit both PVC and Nylon Pro cables.


The single bearing system in the Flare MX handles provides good amount of feedback for the athlete while allowing smooth rotation with 0 torque buildup.


  • Nylon Pro
  • PVC Coated

Cable Options

Nylon Pro

If you are looking for the performance of a bare cable with added protection of PVC coated cables, Nylon Pro is the answer. The thinner and stiffer nature of Nylon Pro reduces cable lag and drag so the only limitation is how fast you can go. Proven to be faster and lighter than most bare cables

PVC Coated

PVC coated cables are a standard amongst many jump ropes. The softer nature of this type of coating makes the cable more flexible and less prone to kinks. Due to the softer nature of the cable, it is ideal for beginner to intermediate athletes as it provides more feedback through the handle to your hand.

Visual comparison

Nylon Pro <-> PVC Coated

1.9mm - 2.4mm

stiffer - flexible

speed - feedback

Flare Pro - Flare MX