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Guide to skipping ropes

Purchasing a new jump rope can be daunting. Hundreds of choices online promising the same thing, while you are unaware of what to look for and what is the best choice for you. 

While there are many different types of jump ropes out there, there are few things to look out for and take into consideration when purchasing a new set for yourself.

Handles are the first thing that you will probably be looking at. The most important thing to consider is the shape, bearings and durability. Wider and larger handles might be a good option for a beginner athletes. Big handles offer more grip and feedback to the arms and forearms which might be more beginner friendly option. Slimmer handles like the ones on the Flare range skipping ropes are a perfect universal choice for most athletes. They offer great grip through diamond knurling on the handles and provide advanced feedback. 

Bearings are the hidden and arguably the most important feature. Bearings are responsible for the speed and smoothness of the spin. Cheaper ropes are made with cheaper materials and as a result will not last long. Our Flare model ropes are all made with dual bearing systems that provide the smooth rotation and durability. 

Materials like plastic are generally a lot cheaper and less durable, this is why we would always recommend opting for more robust options like aluminium handles. 

What manufacturers don't often talk about are the cables. Most likely due to the cable options being reduced to PVC coated cables or bare cables. Reyllen offers 3 options with different purposes and features. Nylon Pro cables would be considered the best for speed and lightness making them ideal for competition use. Nylon Pro cables are stiffer and less flexible to their PVC counterparts and kink easier, however, the nylon coating offers superior durability when it comes to lifecycle of the cable. 

PVC coated cables are offered in 99% of the speed ropes and offer great feedback due to their balanced weight/flexibility ratio. Beginners will find the PVC cables give more feedback to the arms when learning double unders and other rope skills. 

Bare Cables are lighter than PVC, but considerably less durable and much more painful if you get it wrong. These cables are for the specific athletes with preference for this style. 

Do not worry about the amount of choice out there. There is no wrong option when choosing a new skipping rope. The rope you'll buy is the one you will learn on and one that you will get used to. What does matter is the quality. Cheaper models with plastic handles and entry level bearings/bushing will most likely break  or wear out much sooner. We would recommend going with more durable and higher quality options as these will last you for a long time. 

Our Flare model ropes are all built with these points in mind and we offer unparalleled warranty for our Flare jump rope models. 



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Guide to skipping ropes

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