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Reyllen X2 Backpack
Reyllen X2 Backpack
Reyllen X2 Backpack
Reyllen X2 Backpack
Reyllen X2 Backpack
Reyllen X2 Backpack
Reyllen X2 Backpack
Reyllen X2 Backpack

Reyllen X2 Backpack

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We wanted to create a functional backpack that is not only stylish but serves the needs of the athletes well for everyday carry as well as longer travels to competitions. This highly durable and lightweight backpack will be your best companion at work, in the gym or the plane. 


  • Oxford/Polyester Fabric
  • Water Resistant
  • EVA foam machine cut Reyllen back
  • 4 x compression straps
  • 5 x ballistic nylon handles (4 in each corner)
  • padded ergonomic should straps
  • adjustable chest strap
  • duffle type back opening
  • 2 x side admin pockets 
  • 1 x top admin pocket
  • 2 x mesh pockets on the back wall
  • 1 x large admin pocket on the back wall 

                                          Dimensions - 21" x 14" x 6"
                                          Total Capacity - 35 liters
                                          Weight - 899g



                                          Don't take our word for it

                                          AS MANY REVIEWS AS POSSIBLE

                                          I can wholeheartedly recommend these grips if you wanted something that had good grip, comfort, value and durability.


                                          Game changer!

                                          Oh my days! The difference between the bumble 🐝 is night and day. These are literally like super glue!


                                          Best Grips!

                                          Bought these 5 months ago. I had the original bumblebee
                                          style but like the X2 because of that curve around your thumb. They do
                                          take a little bit to break in but once they do, you’re good! I usually
                                          coat everything in chalk but these grips hold up incredibly well for all
                                          kinds of gymnastics whether you need all the chalk in the gym or use it
                                          minimally. They make it easy to move out of the way to grab a barbell
                                          or make a transition to any other exercise. At 5 months, I’m beginning
                                          to consider when I need to buy a new pair but I’m willing to bet my next
                                          purchase will be right around the 8 month mark. This is just my
                                          opinion, I’m sure other athletes have a different timeline for when they
                                          get new grips.

                                          Overall, highly recommend these as they do the job and they do it very


                                          Best grips available

                                          These grips are the best I've ever used, I hope they never
                                          stop this model as it's so comfortable, so grippy but does not interfere
                                          when you're needing to get back to the barbell.


                                          Great Product, Exceptional Customer Service

                                          Not only was the product of extremely high quality but more
                                          impressive was the customer service.
                                          The size I ordered was to small, my fault, not the companies. The
                                          communication and service I received when returning for another size was
                                          fantastic, exceeding expectations.
                                          Would 100% recommend to anyone and will definitely be a returning