Not sure what hand grips are right for you? Try our quiz to find the best gymnastic grips for you.


For Beginners

Not sure what you need? How about an all-round workhorse. Chalk required, works on all types of surfaces


For the feel

Are you grips too bulky? The Panda "Soft" material cushions and compresses allowing you to feel the pull-up bar with your palm fully protected.


For varied Surfaces

Chalky bars, dirty bars, clean bars, slippery bars...

No matter what the surface, Merlin hand grips have been designed to be used with or without chalk for ultimate adaptability to any surface.


For High Volume

Made for heavy-duty training. Ultimate durability and protection so you can keep going longer. For demanding high volume training.



No chalk required with Seal Gymnastic Grips. Advanced rubber polymer technology to make sure you stick to the bar "literally"

Ideal for competitions and use on slippery bars

Gymnastic Hand Grips

Ultimate hand protection for pull ups, toes to bar, muscle ups, barbell movements and kettlebells. Protect your hands with some of the finest gymnastic grips on the market with wide array of styles and materials. Authentic Reyllen Gymnastic Grips For Every Athlete. Unsure of what grips are best for you? Try our grips finder quiz and we will match the best gymnastic grips for you. Try Bumblebee, the best selling gymnastic grips. BumbleBee grips material offers unique blend of comfort, durability, grip and softness. Panda hand grips range is built to outlast you with utmost durability and protection for high demand training. Merlin all terrain grips are perfect for all types of bar chalk and no chalk compatible. If you are looking for the best grip on smooth powder coated bars, then Seal gymnastic grips are for you.   

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