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Find out what our grips are about. Back in 2019 we have introduced 1st fingerless gymnastic grips to the market along the first curved edge grips design. All of our designs are created by Reyllen from years of meticulous testing and improving based on your feedback.

We have put together some useful video guides to show you the differences, how to's and what not to.

Happy watching, Reyllen.



Our microfibre range explained



Our rubber compound grips explained





BumbleBee is one of our most popular materials. BumbleBee fabric is dual layer 1.8mm thick microfibre. It has a soft feel with slight elasticity and compression. This makes the BumbleBee a good mix between protection and natural feel of the bar.

BumbleBee is ideal for beginners to elites and works well not most surfaces

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Panda is a 2mm single layer microfibre fabric. Very similar to BumbleBee with some key differences. Panda does not stretch or compress and retains shape very well. It is a stiffer fabric than BumbleBee, however, offers better performance for high volume training due to its rugged nature. 

Panda is ideal for beginners to elites and atheltes who seek a good balance of grip, protection and durability.



Gecko is a dual layer 2mm carbon/microfibre composite fabric. The carbon textured front layer is desgined to retain chalk and offer better performance on certain types of powder coated bars as a result. It doesn't stretch or compress and has a more rugged feel compared to the rest of the models.

Ideal for all athletes who prefer the classic carbon style feel or use the specific powder coated bars.



Merlin is a 2mm dual layer rubber/microfibre composite material. The special marine rubber is designed to improve grip on all surfaces and retain chalk. The Merlin fabric has a firm feel and does not stretch or compress. Best to be used in competition environment with low-moderate rep volume. 

Ideal for competiton and grip on all bars.


Gecko™ RX

Gecko RX is an advanced blend of vinyl carbon layered with microfibre backing at 2.0mm thick. Does not stretch and does not flex. Provides great chalk retention and works well on powder coated bars. 

Ideal for competition and added grip on slippery bars.



2mm single layer microfibre. Comes from the same family of materials as Panda or BumbleBee. Works best on Poweder coated bars and great for all-round training.

Ideal for powder coated bars and volume training


Panda™ Soft

The Panda Soft or SF offers the opposite qualities of the regular Panda material. Panda Soft is 2mm single layer microfibre. It is extremely soft and elastic. Is does stretch and compress making it a great pair to use as a second skin not just for gymnastic movements.

Ideal for beginners, athletes with smaller hands who like natural feel and dexterity. 

Panda Soft also work great on wooden rings too



Made from composite rubber and microfibre, Seal is best suited for competitions and grips to have on the go. Seal material provides the best grip on all types of surfaces with or without chalk.

Ideal for competitions, bar work and slippery bars and surfaces

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Our Designs


X4 design is a simple upgrade that combines the elements of all others. X4 is straight cut shape with ergomonic fit around the wrist and top of the grips. The X4 shape is the same width throughout and offer coverage for most of the palm area. 

Ideal for all athletes

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X3 offers narrower pad profile towards the top of the grips, while maintaining the width around the base of the wrist. 

Ideal for athletes who prefer less invasive grips, while still maintaining protection and grip in the most crucial areas

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X2 shapes feature rounded edges and ergonomic fit around the thumb portion of the grip pad. X2 desgins carry the most significant angle towards the index finger and the thumb. 

Ideal for athletes with thumb under bar grip and beginners.



X1 designs feature straight cut shape with sharper edges. X1 designs are characteristiacally symmetrical from side to side and offer even pulling force dictribution around the wrist

Ideal for all athletes who prefer simple straight forward design and feel.




Fingerless grips have become very popular. This style is perfect to be used for fast transitions, however, fingerless models don't usually work well with classic (thumb under bar) grip, as the thumb pushes the material to the side and down. Fingerless should always be used with thumb over bar grip for best results. The closer to the wrist you can catch the bar, the better the grips will perform.

Ideal for athletes with thumb over bar grip.

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The 3-hole models offer the best all-round grips experience. The 3-hole is a universal style the can be used as fingerless as well. Being able to grip the bar, dumbbell, rings or kettlebell while not having to worry about grips coming off is a big advantage. For the best results we recommend the use of dowel effect by creating a fold at the top of the grips. 

Ideal for all athletes due its universal nature and all-round capability.

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Timeless style for the minimalist feel. 2-hole design has been around in gymnastics for a long time. It offers minimal interference and protection down the middle portion of the palm. It allows for natural dexterity of the index finger and thumb and can be used for any and all movements, not just bar or ring work. 

Ideal for minimalists and great for kettlebell, dumbbell and bar work.

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