out of the box

swivel balls + key

Each set of Flare handles comes with 2 x swivel balls, 2 x tightening screw and 1 x hex key. The swivel balls hold the cable in place inside the top[ of the handle.

Flare™ Handles

The cable can be threaded through the top of the Flare™ handles and swivel balls. The top of the handle is freely rotating with 2 sets of bearing systems inside.


The set comes with either a standard PVC cable or Nylon Pro cable. Both cable work with the Flare™ handles. To thread the cables thrugh the handles and swivel balls, you wil first need to remove the black rubber caps at the end of the cable.

Flare™ Full Assembly

care & maintanance

cleaning the bearings

As you can see in the image above, the bearings can be seen inside the handle when looking from the bottom opening. Dust and debris may build up in this area causing the grinding inside the handle. Using compressed air can blow out any dust particles inde the handle.

lubricating the bearings

Once the dust ahs been removed from the bearings, we can proceed to getting a can of lubricant such as WD40 or bike chain lubricant and spray/apply inside the handle. This should penetrate the first and second set of bearings. 


Lubricating oil may seep out of the top of the handle. Clean this part and you are all done. After a few sessions the handle will regain the spin back up.