CrossFit Open 24.2 Tips & Strategies

Workout Description:

AMRAP (As many reps as possible) in 20min:

300m row 

10 deadlift -185lb men (83kg), 125lb women (56kg)

50 double unders


This workout is designed to test pacing, aerobic capacity and muscular endurance. Notice the meter row instead of calorie row. When rowing for meters the power on the erg doesn't yield as much dividend as it would if rowing for calories. 

Let's look at some pacing statistics examples here:

1:45/500m pace for 300m row = 63 seconds

1:55/500m pace for 300m row = 69 seconds

The difference in pace per round is only 6 seconds. Over 10 rounds it will be 1 minute, however, the effort needed to sustain 1:45/500m row pace is exponentially higher than effort needed to sustain 1:55/500m row pace. Even if we could hold the faster pace, 6 seconds here could easily be lost with longer transition breaks, therefore it is not worth focusing on faster row paces on this workout. Rowing portion of 24.2 should be active recovery for the deadlifts and double unders. 

Deadlifts are not heavy and not light. Something that we might be able to hold unbroken, but this should not be at a cost of resting before double unders. A quick break of 6/4 should be fast enough for a great score. Provided we keep the break short and quick. 

Double unders might be a place where we can see some further separation in this workout as it will be challenging to keep these unbroken towards the back end of the workout, however, knowing there is an active rest on the row, we can afford to push these. 

The main silent killer on a workout like this are transitions. If we are let's say completing 8 rounds of this workout we are looking at  24 transitions. If each of those takes approximately 5 seconds, we will have lost 2 full minutes of time doing nothing. That is a huge chunk of time wasted. Priority for all athletes on this workout should be to minimise the time in transition as much as possible. Focus on active recovery on the row and get straight to work on the deadlifts. 


Below are strategies from the pro's: 

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 Concept2 300m Conversion Chart

concept 2 300m row conversion chart

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