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About Us

Reyllen was born out of complete passion for the sport functional fitness. We started our humble journey by offering Flare Original Jump Ropes and Mobility Bands. Here at Reyllen we are part of the functional fitness community as well as participants in the methodology and sport. We simply love it and it has become our lifestyle, therefore we wanted to connect more with our passion by providing quality equipment at reasonable prices and excellent customer care and customer service. With the success of Flare Jump Ropes we have started introducing more product options in the form of gymnastics grips. In the beginning of it all we realised that there wasn't much selection of gymnastics grips built by "athletes" for "athletes". The market was small and options for grips were few and far apart. We decided to make our own, constantly tweaking and improving our designs. We believe innovation should always be in the heart of our products and we want to keep offering only the best quality for our customers. We have several registered designs for our grips in UK and EU and we intend to keep improving based on the feedback we get from our customers. There is no one size fits all and certainly no one style fits all when it comes to gymnastics grips. We offer largest selection of grips for virtually every hand and we can proudly say these have all been designed by us in U.K. with the help of your feedback and input. 


Reyllen is a company focused on you, your needs as an athlete and your needs as human being. We strive to keep improving and keep making our products affordable, hassle free and with only the best of care we can so you can become the best version of yourself.